TTAudio MK1 Fuzz


12 Months TimeTravel Audio warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply).

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TTAudio’s MK1 

We have painstakingly (via transistor selection) re created a gorgeous example of the classic MK1 ToneBender fuzz, 

We have built the circuit around the OC75 and AC125 Transistors.. selecting them not only for their ability to operate in this circuit but also there ability to ensure a great sonic representation of the original (and very expensive MK1’s), each circuit is individually tested in our test rig… after making the grade its then assembled onto one of out tagboard strip circuits(Using the same value components as the original MK1’s),

We manufacture these pedals with the finest quality components inc… carbon composite resistors, Mallory/Mullard and Sprague capacitors, Alpha pots, Neutrik Jacks and illuminated led foot switches!… All enclosed in an ‘In House’ Coated and Silkscreen printed enclosure (No nasty stickers or cheap quality components here) 

These units have top mounted jacks for the pedal board friendly fit and also include a switching attack pot to ensure months of trouble free battery operation(this saves unplugging the effect to save battery life after use)… the LED foot switch uses more current than the effect and if switched off or unplugged after use the battery can last a VERY long time!, these effects run from a PP3 9v battery only!(vintage style circuits sound much better on batteries !)

These pedals have been tuned to work with a wide array of pickups including low output single coils but as everyone knows the MK1’s perform at their best with Humbucking pickups… think of Jimmy Page, Mick Ronson and a plethora of artist from the era of the ToneBender singing sustain and bags of swell/blooming… cleans up well with instruments controls and has a wide range of operation on the attack control… this covers the bee in the jar type fuzz to the blown out violinesque solos!!, this pedal has to be tried to be believed… 


ToneBender Is a registered trademark of SolaSounds LTD England… this product has no connection with the original product and or the ToneBender Trademark, 


If you would like to change the switch cap colour or knobs please contact us for personal customisation ;) 

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Chrome, Copper, Lime Green