TTA Custom Germanium Fuzz


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TTA Germanium Fuzz
We all have heard of germanium fuzz ..and we have all heard the bad story’s that come along with them ….well not here!!

We have 100% consistency due to the fact each unit is set up and assembled by hand , we test 100’s of transistors with our top of the range equipment to select working units with correct HFE (gain ranges) and leakage current
We then bias and voice test every selected pair before we assemble on our vey own in house etched pcb board …a truly hand crafted pedal
The pedal delivers everything from mild overdrive to full on fuzz …controllable from the pedal or by using the guitars volume pot …with a well made fuzz you can treat the guitars volume pot like a signal strength pot …therefor dialling in as much fuzz as required with minimal volume changes …

We use ‘C’ Taper pots in this pedal also to smooth out the transition across the volume and fuzz …older units had next to no control in the lower action of the pot , All this brings an exceptionally versatile fuzz ….with a sprinkle of 60’s dust ….just magnificent ! …have a listen below ! We can set this pedal up for Bass also :)
Hand made in Scotland with the finest grade components ,
Open frame jacks , heavy duty stomp switch for true bypass , long life alpha pots , , LED indicators ,High grade solid and stranded core hook-up cable ,internal 9volt battery compartment, Housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure finished off with our custom Powder Coated Finish