Accutronics Belton BTDR-3H Digi-Log Reverb Module


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Accutronics BTDR-3 Accutronics / Belton Digi-Log Reverb, horizontal

BTDR-3 Accutronics / Belton Digi-Log Reverb with adjustable Reverb decay
A great digital reverb sound
version for horizontal mountingFeature
adjustable reverb depth / decay !!
Stereo outputs may be summed for mono operation
Simple interface requires only input, output, +5V, and ground
AC-coupled input and outputs require no external capacitorsSpecification
– Decay time: adjustable from “short” to “long”
– dimensions (without pins): 38x28x11mmApplication
– For electric organs, guitar amplifier
– For systems to control room acoustics
– For foot pedalRohS Compliant
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