Powder Coated Die Cast Enclosure Seconds/Flawed/Scratched Finish

Flawed finish powder coated enclosure for the builder looking for a cheap alternative

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As you know with any process there is always going to be some issues, this listing is for the enclosures that don’t make the grade… rather than using toxic chemicals to fix these mistakes we thought we would offer them at a massively discounted price :)

These enclosures are essentially 1 of 3 things

Shop soiled… surface scratched or marked in some way

Flawed Finish… flaw in the powder coating finish, this can be from to thin a coating to a gas out(mark or pimple in finish)

Second grade… these are items that are just not worthy of our standard enclosure listing… minor blemish or orange peel etc

We do not offer a colour choice unless you add a note with the purchase… if the colour option is available we will try to select the colour of your choice

If no note is sent or the colour is not available, we will send the first enclosure that matches the size ordered.

Free shipping available on UK orders

Additional information

Enclosure Size

1032L, 125B, 1590A, 1590B, 1590BB, 1590BBS, 1590DD, 1590G