EHX Electro Harmonix HOG Harmonic Octave Generator Synthesizer and Hog Foot Controller


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Pre Owned EHX Electro Harmonix HOG Harmonic Octave Generator Synthesizer

Flawless polyphonic glitch-free tracking across the entire range!
Controllable harmonic intervals: -2 octaves, -1 octave, Original note, +5th, +1 octave, +1 octave +5th, +2 octaves, +2 octaves + 3rd, +3 octaves, +4 octaves.
Works directly from your instrument’s output
Expression pedal (optional) with 7 selectable expression modes: +/- 1 octave and 1 step pitch bend, freeze + gliss, volume, wah and filter frequency
Pitch Bend expression mode turns the HOG into a whammy pedal
Freeze expression mode is a new guitar effect never heard before. Freeze allows the musician to freeze a note or chord so you can play over it or slide to new notes just like a keyboardist would do when using portamento
Dedicated resonant filtering with sweepable frequency control
Amplitude envelope control allowing the musician to lengthen a note’s attack, for swell effects, or to increase a note’s decay speed
Separate lower and upper harmonic region amplitude envelopes
MIDI in allows expression control using MIDI pitch bend