Sound City 200 L MK3 Custom Built Ex Deacon Blue


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Sound City 200 Lead, MK 3 Custom Built,

Ex Deacon Blue amplifier used on numerous recordings over the last 10 years at least, comes with provenance from Deacon Blue guitarist Gregor Philip confirming its use and personal preference for the amp’s application

The unit has undergone a full inspection and has has a slight restoration, this includes all main filter and bypass caps, any out of speck/leaking interstage caps and resistors out of spec were removed and replaced, its been fitted with a fresh set of KT88’s and biased up,

The amplifier retains its original transformers which are all Partridge and some of the biggest iron you will see in any amplifier… an indication to the amount of power this beast has!
Internals are in excellent condition, chassis faceplate has been loosing its screen print over the years and has had the inputs re marked by hand with a sharpie at some point (can be removed)
Head shell is a little road worn but this is in original condition and looks great!

A real piece of amplifier and musical history with the provenance to prove it!

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