ENGL Tube Preamp 530 Modern Rock Rack PreAmplifier in Flight Case


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Engl Tube PreAmp 530 Modern Rock

This unit was purchased, installed in a flight case then never used… this has had less than 30 mins play time and was commissioned for a music project that never happened comes with Swan Flight Case again never toured never seen the light of day!… here is what Engl have to say
This 4 channel preamp has much more to offer than just being the heart of a modern Rock rack system. Beside the
convincing clean, crunch and lead tones, a unbalanced recording compensated output helps you to lay your parts straight into the hard drive. A stereo 1,5 watts power amp works with any cabinet or headphone for silent practicing. Technical innovation in a single rackspace!

4 channels, Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, Heavy Lead, 3 band EQ for Clean/Crunch, 4 band EQ for Soft/Heavy Lead, separate channel
volumes, preamp defeat switch, Bright switch, Contour switch.