6 Way Bypass Looper


Custom made 6 way Bypass Looper UK

Available on back-order


This is a 6 way TRUE Bypass looper, each channel has an independent SEND/RETURN allowing the user to set up single/multiple effects in one stomp ..allowing simultaneous switching of single/multiple units into the chain …keeps the tone suckers out of the signal chain unless the effect is engaged !

Each channel has an independent indicator LED.

There is a dedicated Tune Mute out ..this allows you to rig mute whilst simultaneously switching the signal path to the tuner …no looping through ..less patch cables also !

The unit also has 2 optional buffers installed …these are both activated by a single toggle switch and the selection between the two of them is made by another foot switch ..this allows the user to swap between the two impedance matching devices …one buffer is especially good for wah fuzz issues ..allowing you to run your guitar into the wah and from the wah to the looper station ..this will ensure the correct relationship between your wah and fuzz !! , This buffer can also be tuned internally for a volume increase making for a nice addition ( set to unity as standard ).

The second buffer has all the sparkle and flavour of a guitar plugged directly into your amplifier with a high end audio cable ..just lovely.

All this while both of these buffers help reduce signal issues with long cable runs etc ..maintaining a low impedance signal from the get go.

These units can be custom designed to suit pedal board size and or requirements , from single pedal loops to full sized multi switcher units ..with all the extras to go with it , don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.